About Us
Managing Global Resources is a complex expanding market and one of our specialist areas in materials supply and risk management along the supply chain. Our flexibility and ingenuity are never more clearly demonstrated than when we are organising insurance for that difficult to place risk. Our experience and expertise has been gained, not only from many years of practical experience, but also making it our business to keep in touch with all developments of our Manufacturers.

Global Resources Management Group (GRMG) provides Management of Commodity Trades, Commodity Trading and Advisory Services targeted at the resources and infrastructure industries. We have a large network of Manufacturers and Associates based throughout the World. We bring together people from our network and strategically place them into Project Teams according to the requirements of the assignment. Our head office is located in Brisbane, Australia.

Business Division Overview
GRMG’s portfolio of Business Divisions are carefully chosen to leverage our strategic relationships in these sectors with large manufacturers which enables us to add value to our clients sourcing requirements.

Our manufacturers range from small supply arrangement to some of the largest in the world. Add to this our supporting infrastructure to execute substantial volumes of global scale for any transaction.

GRMG specialises in providing a broad array of Commodity Supply Services to the Cement, Mining, LNG, Petroleum, Mining, Agribusiness and Energy industries in both the Commercial and Government sector. We provide expert knowledge and experience in the management of significant Commodity purchases.

Our Competitive Advantage
We differentiate ourselves from traditional Commodity Traders by integrating World Class supply chain management concepts in our buying and selling actions for materials and products; combining it with our global access to focus on either the least cost of ownership on the buy side or on optimal value for our clients on the sell side.

Ours is a long term business partnering role to create enduring value for our Clients through our Services by either lowering their input costs or expand their customer base profitably. We ensure that our service fee or margin pays for itself from the savings and gains generated by our clientele through a value sharing objective.

Our competitive advantage is not solely based on cheaper prices as quality testing and reporting on materials is mandated in many Industries from our end Buyers and the ability to execute large contracts at globally competitive prices is an important factor. Our dealings with new customers are mandatorily based on firm Letter of Intents to initiate any response from our side.

We believe you will enjoy working with us!